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Benefits for Guests

  • Find out what’s happening: guests will finally have a social stream of everything that is happening in and around their hotel, including hotel events, must see attractions, and everything in between!
  • The opportunity to privately network with new business leads, make new friends, join events and group activities, etc.
  • To enjoy exclusive deals & join events that could be sent by the venue or third parties!
  • 1 app for all hotels: your guests do not need to research and download dozens of travel or hotel applications for every destination.
  • It’s temporary! At checkout, guests lose access to the network, allowing for exclusive access for the guests at the hotel only.
  • Stay tuned without staying “on” all day: ability to stay tuned at all times, even when outside the hotel (what’s happening today? Looking for something? Ping the hotel!)
  • City Guide: guests can use a dynamic city guide to find the best of everything around them (best restaurants, shopping, attractions, etc.) – optional
  • Use our concierge: customize the platform to your needs (room service with one click, see restaurant specials, order towels, request valet…) – optional

Benefits for Hotel

  • Customer focus: improve your relationship with your guests - interaction with staff, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction via live concierge, apologize for inconveniences, and create a friendly atmosphere at the hotel.
  • Offer promotions to guests! (i.e. restaurants/bar deals, group dining, upgrades, spa, etc.) or participate in the action with vendors nearby (tour companies, nearby restaurants & attractions, etc.).
  • Changing the dynamics: streamline your concierge services (i.e. instead of waiting for your guests to approach the concierge, have the concierge send out deals or suggestions to them).
  • Know your guest! Obtain key information about your guests as well as live feedback/surveys and act accordingly (a guest is not happy? Avoid a TripAdvisor negative review & instantly send chocolates to the room!).
  • Save time, money, and resources by not having to build your own network – 1 app for all guests and hotels, available for instant access via mobile or web, no investment in IT infrastructure required, highly customizable lobbies to reflect your brand… & if you already have an app, easily integrate us!
  • Different from other social networks: Facebook and Twitter work great to reach the fans of the brand. LobbyFriend focuses on improving the experience of the ones that can improve your bottom line right now - your current guests!